Beyoncé Is Drunk In Love With Blue Ivy

Well, readers, procrastination on a Friday afternoon is inevitable. But, before you go back to whatever it is you do with your daylight hours, we want — no, need — you to watch this video of Beyoncé rehearsing her Grammys performance with Blue Ivy. Your boss will understand; one must listen when Queen B calls.

The rehearsal footage surfaced sometime early this morning and thank the heavens it did. For one, it’s pretty neat and semi-odd to see what went into such a polarizing performance. Is that an applause-track, or does a sizable audience get invited to watch Grammys rehearsals? (Because, hi, can we come?)

But, that’s not the point here. Like an angel sent from the clouds, Blue Ivy’s voice fills the auditorium to announce “serfbort” towards the 4:42 mark. Yes, serfbort. The man playing Jay Z (there’s another head scratcher — where was Jay?) doesn’t notice, but Bey heard her offsprings call and began a deep, philosophical conversation. “Hi Blue-Blue!,” she says. “Hi Mommy!,” the body-less cherubic voice calls back. Fake Jay poses, the maybe applause-track cheers, Blue continues to say hey girl, and we begin to fall apart at the seams because it is just (claps on the down beat) too much. (Crushable)

forbeyhive by limbruglia

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